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What To Bring

What Do I Bring Along?

It is not necessary to bring large amounts of clothing as nowadays, there are places where you can have your clothes washed and dried readily available, and we will take them there for you. We have listed a few generic essentials that you may have to bring along, depending on which tour you wish to take, and when you make your booking, we will send you out a full list of essentials.


    Comfortable waterproof walking boots
    Waterproof jacket & over trousers
    At least 2 pair of comfortable walking trousers and breathable tops
    Backpack, lined with plastic bag or waterproof cover
    Gaiters & walking poles(personal choice but recommended)
    Thick socks / Hat / Gloves
    Water bottle & lunch box
    Small first aid kit if you have one, although your guide will have one with them
    Sunscreen and insect repellent. Yes, unfortunately we do get little midges over here and the sun can be quite strong if you are out in it all day long.

..............and for that special moment, your camera!

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