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PRICE : €1750


DEPARTURE 2018 :  OUT : Monday 12th Feb  /  BACK : 18th Feb


Call Keith for more information : 01-4100700 or 086-4076985 


HIGHLIGHTS : 2 Nights in Oslo  |  The Northern Lights  |  Arctic Circle  |  Husky Dog Safari  |  Ice Fishing  |  Snow Mobile Safari  |  Walking Camping on a Frozen Lake



  • 7 full days of pure adventure
  • Fully guided by an experienced Irish guide
  • 2 Nights in an Oslo hotel
  • 3 nights in a wooden chalet inside the arctic circle
  • 1 night wild camping on a frozen lake
  • 6 breakfast
  • 4 Lunches
  • 4 Evening Meals
  • All internal ground transport
  • Husky Dog Sledding
  • Ice Fishing on a frozen lake
  • Snow Shoe Safari + learn outdoor skills
  • King Crab Safari & Crab feast
  • Wild Camping on a Frozen Lake



  • Travel insurance
  • Flights – International & Internal
  • First & last airport transfers in Oslo
  • Fat Bike Adventure  ( optional )
  • Toboggan  ( optional )
  • Snow Mobiling( optional )




OSL – KKN Rtn flights  =  236euro

DUB – OSL Rtn flights =   134euro

Total = 370euro

( Prices as per 05/09/17 )




Mon  12th Feb

DUB – OSL : SAS SK538 

SAS ; Depart – 12:10  /  Arrive 17:25

( 4h 15m – 1 stop CPH )


Tues 13th Feb

OSL – KNN : DY310

Norwegian Air : Depart – 09:10  /  Arrive 11:20

( 2h 10m – direct )





Sat 17th Feb

KKN - OSL : SAS SK4473

SAS : Depart – 11:30 / Arrive 13:40

( 2h 10m  - direct )


Sun 18th Feb

OSL – DUB : SAS SK4603

SAS : Depart – 07:55  / Arrive 09:15

( 2h 20m – direct )  


Make the trip of a life time and join Extreme Ireland on our annual trip to the Nordic arctic circle to see the Northern Lights on husky dog sleigh! Six years ago, the Extreme Ireland team took our first trip to Kirkenes in a province called Finnmark in the most northerly part of Norway. It is in the middle of the Arctic Circle and very close to the border of Russia. Immediately, we all fell in love with this amazingly beautiful place. Now, Extreme Ireland is offering this once in a lifetime trip to join us on our seventh year of international tours to Norway.


You will be flying direct to Oslo and staying in Oslo for 1 night before making your way up to Kirkenes. We will advise of all flight details and we will provide you with a recommended clothing list prior to your departure. Have a look at our itinerary below. It will follow a similar timetable as this year's February trip as feedback was terrific about this trip.


Flying into Kirkenes airport is spectacular. Underneath you, for endless miles, are a sea of white, snow topped mountains and frozen lakes. On this tour, you will get the opportunity to discover this area. You will go on a husky safari, go ice-fishing, go on a king crab safari, visit the snow hotel and even camp on a frozen lake inside the arctic circle to get the very best view of the northern lights !


We have all dreamed about what the Arctic Circle is like and now, you have your opportunity to experience this first hand, meeting with the fantastic and friendly locals. This is a once in a lifetime trip that you will never forget! We have all our recommended flights listed below. Be sure to book early with a 10% deposit.

Day 1:

Once you’ve booked the suggested flights from Dublin, you will meet your Extreme Ireland Adventures guide at Dublin airport before flying to Oslo. Once you transfer to the hotel you can properly get to know your fello adventurers on the tour. There is lots to do in Oslo and your guide will talk you through on what to do and see during your time there. This will be the first time for many to see the capital of Norway. One of Europe's best-kept secrets, magnificent Oslo stands as an exercise in contrasts. On one hand is its growing metropolis of more than half a million people, whose gleaming, glass-and-steel skyline and ultra-modern shopping centres form a fascinating juxtaposition with wide avenues and stunning late 19th- and early 20th-century Neoclassical architecture. On the other hand are Oslo's vast forested areas, public parks, botanical gardens, and network of pathways, which traverse the mountains on which the city was built – a true nature lover's city, if ever there was one.

Highlights:  Oslo City    

( Itinerary is subject to change )

Day 2:

Today is when our adventure truly begins with a flight to the much anticipated town of Kirkenesin the arctic circle. You will be transferred from your hotel to Gardermoen Airport. We will arrive in Kirkenesin in the afternoon with enough time for a stroll around the town before we arrive at your guesthouse. Marvel at the expanse and beauty and clean air of the region. Your guide will take you on an introductory hike up a local hill with views over the Russian border and down across this stark landscape.  In the evening you will have a lovely Norwegian dinner with our host family, and it will be your first time to see the great Northern Lights! Relax and maybe have a drink outside at the barbecue area  and look at lights bouncing across the sky.  


Highlights :  Arctic Circle  |  Kirkenes   |  Introductory Hike  |  The Northern Lights 

( Itinerary is subject to change )

Day 3:

Start off with a traditional Norwegian breakfast in the guesthouse and be ready for your first day's real adventure.  In the morning you will have the option to go on a ‘Fat Bike’ adventure to the Russian Border and chat to the Russian boarder guards.  A ‘Fat Bike’ is just like a bicycle, but with fatter tyres made for snow and ice and are great fun to ride .  After lunch you will begin an amazing husky dog safari.  You will travel across mixed terrain through forest, valleys and on frozen lakes. Enjoy the silence of the landscape while going with your own dog team, or seated comfortably in the sledge as a passenger.   Today you will also have the opportunity to visit the world famous Ice Hotel. 

Highlights :  Husky Day Safari  |  Fat Bike Adventure 

( Itinerary is subject to change )

Day 4:

In the morning, you'll have the option to take an exhilarating ride on powerful snow mobiles across lakes and forests, a fantastic experience. In the afternoon, you will get to go on a king crab safari, an experience that you will not forget.  Your king crab safari takes place in a frozen wonderland where you may get the opportunity to see some local sea eagles. These king crabs were introduced to the area as a test project by the Russians in the 60's and have now overpopulated the bay. Very tasty!.  Your evening will be one of the highlights of the trip, you will wild camp on a frozen lake and this will give you one of the best  opportunities to see the Northern Lights in all her glory !

Highlights  :  King Crab Safari  |  Snow Mobile  |   Wild Camping on a frozen Lake

( Itinerary is subject to change )

Day 5:

Breakfast followed by your optional activity - In the morning you can become a real Norwegian when you guide takes you on a snowshoe walk.  This is how many Norwegian’s get from place to place in high snow.  You will also get the opportunity to learn some arctic cold weather skills including;  ice fishing, making camp fire and maybe we even might have a "snow ball war“!  On your return to the guesthouse you can relax in the spa with sauna and outdoor Jacuzzi before being served  a wonderful 3 course meal.

Highlights :  Snow shoe Walk  |  Ice Fishing  |   Making Camp Fire  |  Outdoor Jacuzzi

( Itinerary is subject to change )

Day 6:

Tears will be flowing as the group departs for Oslo and you say goodbye to our host family. A lot of people that come on our tours remain friends for a long time afterwards. That is the spirit of the tours that we offer. Today, we will be flying back to Oslo where that evening you will have the option to go sledding down the famous slope on the outskirts of Oslo city. Great fun !

Highlights:  Sledding in Oslo City

( Itinerary is subject to change )

Day 7

Unfortunately our journey ends today and you will say goodbye to this wonderful country and farewell to the friends you made.  Relationships built and held together by the ice of the North and the romantic northern lights will be tested as you fly back to Dublin! I'm sure they will be strong for a long time to come yet.  What you’ve experienced over the last few days we have no doubt will stay with you forever !


End of Services : Thank You!




  • Base Layers(Merino Wool preferred)
  • Hats by 2
  • Gloves by 2
  • Neck Tube
  • Mid layers(fleeces)
  • Windproof jacket and trousers
  • Sunglasses
  • Walking boots
  • Numerous socks, wool preferred
  • Lip Balm
  • Camera




  • Cotton
  • Jeans
  • High heel shoes
  • Miniskirts and dresses




  • Snowshoes can be rented
  • Trekking poles or ski poles can be rented
  • Day pack
  • Personal First Aid Kit
  • Water Bottle
  • Headlamp
  • Personal hygiene items



Norway is expensive. Norway is not in the EU and uses the Krone.

The Norwegian krone is most often represented either as Nkr (preceding the number, as in this book), NOK (preceding the number) or simply kr (following the amount). One Norwegian krone (Nkr1) equals 100 øre. Coins come in 50 øre and Nkr1, Nkr5, Nkr10 and Nkr20 denominations, and notes are worth Nkr50, Nkr100, Nkr200, Nkr500 and Nkr1000.

Norwegian ATMs allow you to access cash in your home account with an ATM card from your home bank. ‘Mini-Banks’ (the Norwegian name for ATMs) are found adjacent to many banks and around busy public places, such as shopping centres. They accept major credit cards as well as Cirrus, Visa Electron and/or Plus bank cards, but you should check with your bank before leaving about which banks charge the lowest withdrawal fees.

Credit Cards:

Visa, Eurocard, MasterCard, Diners Club and American Express cards are widely accepted throughout Norway. Although credit or debit cards allow you to avoid the fees charged for changing cash or travellers cheques, such gains can be cancelled out by bank fees and not all places accept debit cards. Credit cards can be used to buy train tickets and are accepted on some (eg Hurtigruten), but not all, domestic ferries.

If your card is lost or stolen in Norway, report it immediately:

American Express (22 96 08 00)

Diners Club (21 01 50 00)

Eurocard/MasterCard (21 01 52 22)

Visa (08989)


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