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I've never been on a walking trip before, can I do this?

A walking vacation is pleasurable if you are overall physically fit, enjoy the outdoors and are able to hike 6-10 miles a day with some inclines. We don't hold contests - you set the pace. We have choices almost every day that include an easier or more challenging walk. You may also decide to take a day off and explore on your own.

What kind of exercise should I do to prepare for this trip?

Any kind of aerobic exercise is a good idea. Walking is the best preparation, particularly up hills and stairs.

Who goes on your adventures?

Our guests come from all parts of the world. The average age of our guests is between 20 and 45. Females hold a slight majority over the male. However, saying this, we have had people who were over 70 years of age and enjoyed their trip tremendously as well! We gear our walks towards each particular group so don't be worried about the level of walks that we do. We go as slow as the slowest member of the group. We make sure everyone can walk and talk when they are out and about.

Regardless of age or country of origin, all of our guests enjoy walking, the great outdoors and are curious about the natural and human history of the areas they are visiting.


Will I need to have a passport/visa to enter Ireland?

All visitors to Ireland require a valid passport and photo ID. Currency: Euro - Approximately 1 Euro equals $1.20 US or approximately $1.40 CDN.

The standard electricity supply is 220 volts AC. Two prone plugs on electrical appliances will require a converter.

The Walks

Most people who go on guided walking tours worry about how difficult they are going to be and will I be able to keep up with the group, or will I be the one that slows them down, well don't worry. Our tours are aimed at those of you who wish to explore the countryside at a moderate pace, so you are not expected to be an avid walker or incredibly fit and the walks are 4 to 5 hours in duration. All our walking leaders are experienced and professional guides and all have first aid training.

What's Involved in a Typical Day?

    08.30 Breakfast
    09.30 Leave Accommodation
    10.00 Start Walking
    11.00 Tea/Coffee Break
    13.00 Lunch Break
    17.00 Return to Guesthouse
    19.00 Evening Meal
    20.30 Briefing for the Next Walk
    21.00 Entertainment will be provided almost every night with plenty of 'craic' and traditional music in the local pubs.


Transport is inclusive in our fully packaged tours - you will be carried by minibus from your arrival at Dublin until your departure. On long trips, we make several stops for refreshments.


You are strongly advised to obtain insurance coverage for personal accident, cancellation charges, medical expenses, loss of money or baggage, travel and personal liability when taking part in any of our tours.

Extreme Ireland, its servants, or agents cannot accept responsibility for loss or damage to your baggage, or for any illness or injury while on our tours. We also cannot accept responsibility for any loss or damage resulting from circumstances beyond our control.



Complete and send us your booking form with all required details on our website. You will receive confirmation of your booking by return. Final payment is due two weeks prior to the start of the tour. You have the option of booking our multi day tours and paying the full amount immediately or paying a deposit.


The Irish Weather

It rains all the time. Only joking, it's only about twice a week, Monday to Wednesday and Thursday to Sunday! It's a little temperamental, our weather, it doesn't know whether to make up its mind most days. Will I rain heavy or just drizzle?

The summer is not too bad, all the same, and as you will be along the west coast of Ireland a lot, you can experience the lovely warm river that flows through the Atlantic Ocean, the North Atlantic drift or the Gulf Stream by going in for a swim, if you're brave enough!

The dominant influence on Ireland's climate is the Atlantic Ocean. Consequently, Ireland does not suffer from the extremes of temperature experienced by many other countries at similar latitude.

Average annual temperature is about 9C. In the middle and eastern parts of the country, temperatures tend to be somewhat more extreme than in other parts of the country. For example, summer mean daily maximum is about 19C and winter mean daily minimum is about 2.5C in these areas.

The mean annual wind speed varies between about 4 m/sec in the east midlands and 7 m/sec in the northwest. Strong winds tend to be more frequent in winter than in summer. Sunshine duration is highest in the southeast of the country. Average rainfall varies between about 800 and 2,800mm.

For further information on our weather please check the following link:

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