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We meet at Trinity College where you will be transported 600 years back in time. Back to a time when the Augustine Priory was in operation and the plague houses were full, something your guide is more than just a little familiar with. Try to ignore his coughing and spluttering; cover your mouth and listen to his stories of plague ravaged Dublin and its unfortunate victims. 


Hear how the unfortunate victims looked for relief by bathing their wounds in the same water that supplied the city with drinking water. Learn how the mayor tried to keep the plague at bay. Discover what happened to the unfortunates who contracted this horrible disease. Some were shunned and cast aside, while others came to a more gruesome end. Many believed that the plague heralded the end of the world, but Dublin's horrors continued for an extended period with poverty and depravity fuelling it.


Let your plague victim and his ghoulish friends take you on an adventure around Dublin and its darker history. Definitely a tour for those that enjoy the macabre. Prepare to be scared, entertained and informed!


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DEPARTURE TIME: 7:45pm (Arrive 10mins before)



ADULT : €25





Add a meal back in Dublin at The Riddler Restaurant serving modern Irish Food.


( Meal options available to add on our booking page  -  Your guide can drop you off at the restaurant in Christchurch just minutes from the city center by foot )


The Gravedigger Ghost Tour lasts approximately 2 hours. The tour runs 7 nights a week, depending on numbers with a minimum of 7 victims (er, passengers) required. The schedule is listed below.



Board the Grave Digger bus outside the Extreme Ireland Tourist Office opposite Trinity College. It is a bus like no other, get comfortable for the evening...if you can! Drive past Dublin Castle and Christ Church while being filled in on ghoulish history by your plague ridden guide.


8:20pm to 8:40pm  

Come into the grounds of St Audeon's, also known as Hell, and be told of its gruesome past by lamplight. It didn't get that nickname lightly so listen to the stories and history and make up your own mind. Try not to shiver too much. Not from the cold, but from the hairs standing up on the back of your neck as you listen to the dark history of St Audeon's.


8:50pm to 9:10pm  

Next we visit Kilmainham Jail where there is a surprise awaiting you. Kilmainham Jail opened in 1796 and was one of the most modern jails in Ireland. It was built on Gallows Hill and over 4000 prisoners from the jail were transported to Australia. Overcrowding was an issue during the famine as many were put in jail for begging and stealing for food. Women were a significant proportion of the inmates until 1881 when it became an all-male prison. We will also see Bully's Acre, Dublin's oldest cemetery, which has a fascinating story of its own. 


9:20pm to 9:50pm
En route to the Grave Digger Pub, we will pass Croppies Acre and St Michan's Church. Croppies Acre refers to the name ‘Croppy’, which was used in Ireland in the 1790s. It was a reference to the Irish rebels who cropped their hair to imitate the French Revolutionaries who cut their hair to differentiate themselves from the aristocracy who wore powdered wigs. St Michan's Church draws crowds due to the macabre remains found there. These remain and consist of numerous coffins and well preserved bodies. The organ from 1724 also remains, which Handel may have played for the first-ever performance of his Messiah. We don't go into St Michan's Church on this tour but you may like to look at their opening hours to visit on another day, if you dare!

At the Gravedigger, you will receive a ghoulish tipple and learn about the surpisingly widespread practice of grave robbing. Then we return to the city centre and let any survivors wander into the night.


The price of the tour includes your Ghoulish Brew at the Gravediggers, and a FREE Haunted History Walking Tour of Dublin which normally costs 13 euros. To use this FREE pass simply show up for the tour on the night of your choice and present your booking confirmation for the Grave Diggers tour. This offer is valid for one month from the date of your Gravedigger Ghost Tour.

“Thrilling evening”

Trip Advisor - 5 stars - Reviewed 18 October 2015 

What an enjoyable experience after a few frights! Worth as visit for anyone who likes to try something different. Tour leaders where great. A mix of comedy and being scared. Fantastic end to a great weekend in Dublin.



“Best Trip Ever”
Trip Advisor - 5 stars -5 of 5 stars Reviewed 7 October 2015

The gravedigger tour was definitely the highlight of our weekend break to Dublin. Easily booked before we flew out so no messing about sorting there. The pick up place was easy to find, and the tour was totally amazing - one constant laugh from the begining to the end. The tour guides were hilarious, and informative at the same time. Thoroughly enjoyed this and would recommend to anyone seaking fun in Dublin!



“Best Trip Ever!”
Trip Advisor - 5 stars -5 of 5 stars Reviewed 7 October 2015

"Funny actor, nice atmosphere on the bus, great stories and good historical information. The sites visited are interesting but the mise-en-scene is what makes the whole experience worthwhile.
Perhaps a bit less about the plague and more ghost stories would make it even better. Surely Dulbin has its share of apparitions."





Trip Advisor - 5 stars - Reviewed 18 August 2013

The actors made the night from the minute we got on the bus. The bus itself was designed perfectly for the tales that were shared with plenty of spooky props hidden on board. It was a great evenings entertainment and a nice brush up on Dublin's haunted history. Visiting the jail at night is an experience that I wont forget in a hurry, especially when the ghostly story about pig was told in such gory detail. The tour had plenty of spooky story's to tell but it was done with great humour. The two hours flew by and my friends and I were delighted that we had got on board the gravedigger. Highly recommend it to kick off a great night in Dublin.




“Best of its kind”

Trip Advisor - 5 stars -5 of 5 stars Reviewed 15 December 2012

This was my favourite tour in the whole of Britain and Ireland, it's a ghost tour with a little bit of comedy, a little bit of horror, a lot of jumps and scares and everything is put together so well. The boys were so sharp and so funny and I would pay my money over again just to get back on that bus and have an explore. The bus has been done up to resemble a crypt or a tomb and the atmosphere they create in there is just perfect. A must in Dublin!


“A Great Tour”

Trip Advisor - 5 stars - Reviewed 8 December 2012

My wife and I took this tour on the 6th of Dec as something different for our wedding anniversary, after a nice meal. I highly recommend it, the story telling is top quality and very entertaining. The guides provided a excellent balance between story telling and fact. They had a great way of bring you in to the story and the tour and allows you to really feel the darker side of Dublin. The guys were also very friendly. I hope that as they get more established they can expand the tour with exclusive access to venues perhaps??? ! 2 hours really didn't seem very long, which is a very good sign. All in all I would like to thank these guys for making a great night even better. Thank you - Wayne Evans


“Best Ghost Tour I have Ever Done”

Trip Advisor - 5 stars - Reviewed 6 December 2012

I have done ghosts tours in every country I have ever visited and this one is by far my favourite. The boys who do the tour are so funny, they must be professional stand up comedians I think! There were a few screams too during the night which I wasn't really expecting. The atmosphere was just perfect. I am hoping to plan a private party for next Halloween with work so I'll hopefully see you guys again!


“Something different”

Trip Advisor - 5 stars - Reviewed 4 December 2012

I was really getting into this tour, but unfortunately my partner was not well, so we had to cut it short and only got to do one stop. The ghost was fantastic - lots of good banter on the bus and I wish I could go back and experience the entire thing.


“Best tour in Dublin! Excellent team event”

Trip Advisor - 5 stars - Reviewed 27 November 2012

We took this tour as a team event and we absolutely loved it! It was informative yet very entertaining and funny. The actors were excellent and there were a lot of hilarious surprises along the way. Those 2 hours went by in no time! I can highly recommend this tour to anyone who is a visitor to Dublin or just wants to find out more about this city. Also, if you want to organize an entertaining team event this is the tour to choose. Thank you guys for such a wonderful time!


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