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Celtic Boyne Valley Tour

Please be advised to wear sturdy footwear for this tour.


Welcome to our One Day Celtic Boyne Tour which will bring you through one of the most historically significant and ancient areas of Ireland: County Meath, also known as the Royal County. It is from here that the High Kings of Ireland ruled the country. We will visit the passage tombs at Loughcrew; megalithic burial chambers which are around 5000 years old. These magical tombs are easy to access and explore. Inside, you will see intricate artwork carved into the stones still visible after thousands of years. We will then follow a scenic route through lovely countryside to the old town of Trim. The famous Trim Castle is situated here. It's the best preserved, most impressive example of an Anglo-Norman castle in Ireland. Be transported back in time as you explore the sprawling castle grounds.


Next, we travel to The Hill of Tara the centre of ancient Ireland. From this high ground, the High Kings ruled the country. It is said that a quarter of Ireland’s landscape can be seen from this hill. Let your imagination run wild and picture an ancient Ireland with its ruler (voted into the position by his kinship) presiding over issues affecting the country, surrounded by lush fertile land. We have lunch here before we move on to discover the origins of the Celtic High Cross.


The Celtic High Cross is one of the iconic symbols associated with Ireland and there is a very fine example of one of these at Monasterboice which is our next stop. The Celtic High Cross of Muiredach is regarded as the best surviving example of ancient religious art in Ireland. Marvel at the intricate carvings, history and significance of the Cross.


Lastly, you get a very informative and interesting walking tour of the historic town of Drogheda by a local historian. A town whose walls held back many attackers, but fell to Cromwell who sacked the city. It has a fascinating yet tragic history. You will have some free time in Drogheda to explore the charming narrow streets or get a snack or beverage.

Details Celtic Boyne Valley Tour

DEPARTURE TIME: 8:00AM (Arrive 10mins before)

DEPARTURE LOCATION: Molly Malone Statue on Suffolk Street  - MAP HERE 


ADULT : €40

STUDENT / SENIOR : €35  ( 13yrs-16yrs / 65 yrs + )

CHILD : €20   ( 5yrs-12yrs )




This Celtic Boyne Valley day tour includes Loughcrew Passage Tomb  |  Trim Castle  |  Hill of Tara  |  Monasterboice  |  Drogheda

Note: You need to wear hiking shoes and warm clothing as you will be in exposed areas.


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Add a meal back in Dublin at The Riddler Restaurant serving modern Irish Food.


( Meal options available to add on our booking page  -  Your guide can drop you off at the restaurant in Christchurch just minutes from the city center by foot )

Celtic Boyne Valley Day Tour Itinerary

Please be advised to wear sturdy footwear for this tour.

8:00am : Depart Dublin

Our Celtic Boyne Valley tour departs from the Molly Malone Statue on Suffolk Street in Dublin city centre. Please arrive at least ten minutes prior to our departure time. After you meet your charming guide, we will travel north into the royal county of Meath towards Oldcastle. Travel through picturesque countryside into the land of kings and legends.

9:45am : Loughcrew Passage Tomb

We arrive at the sacred site of Loughcrew with a concentration of around 30 passage tombs.  This is one of the most important prehistoric cemeteries in Ireland.  You’ll walk to the top of the hill where one of the best preserved and most accessible tombs on the site can be seen.  Once the iron gate is opened, you’ll enter the tomb with a flash lamp to find the Celtic designs carved into the rock over 5000 years ago along the walls and ceiling of the tomb. They are still perfectly visible and enchant every visitor who sees them. The remarkable preservation of the designs makes this a special visit and one our visitors always remember.

11:00am : Trim Castle

After a drive through some breathtaking Irish countryside we make our next stop at the imposing Trim Castle.  Here you will enjoy exploring the grounds of this magnificent stronghold that is still standing after 800 years.  It was at this castle that some of the best fight scenes in the film ‘Braveheart’ were shot.  See if you can recognise the filming locations! Trim Castle is the most important and best preserved Anglo-Norman castle in Ireland situated on the edge of Trim town itself. 

12:20pm : Hill of Tara

Not far from Trim Castle we will arrive at the Hill Of Tara, the seat of the High Kings  – the most sacred site in ancient Ireland.  It is said that a quarter of Ireland’s landscape can be seen from this point.  Tara gets its name from ‘Teamhair na Ri’ which means ‘Sanctuary of the Kings’ and is the traditional inauguration site of the ancient High Kings of Ireland.  Tara was at the height of its importance around 600BC and was the royal centre of Mide, meaning ‘The Middle Kingdom’ once the 5th province of Ireland.

We travel through the village of Slane. Today, Slane Castle hosts Ireland’s premier annual music concerts. It can hold 80,000 fans and over the years has hosted concerts by Queen, The Rolling Stones, Guns N’Roses and U2, to name a few.  In fact, U2’s fourth studio album ‘The Unforgettable Fire’ was recorded in the Great Hall at Slane Castle!  As you leave the village, ask your guide to tell you the story of the four sisters!

2:30pm : Monasterboice

Our next stop on the fabulous Celtic Boyne One Day Tour is at the religious site at Monasterboice. The High Cross of Monasterboise is the finest in Ireland and is highly regarded as one of the finest surviving examples of Irish religious art. This religious site was founded by Saint Buite in 520AD. Its name derives from the Irish ‘Mainistir Bhuithe’ meaning ‘the monastery of Buite'. The monastery has the 2nd highest round tower in Ireland. It was burned in 1097, destroying its library and other treasures but still remains intact apart from its head cap.  You will also find the Celtic High Cross of Muiredach from the early ninth century; probably the finest of its type in the world. These are impressive sights which provide opportunities to learn of their history, admire the architecture and of course take photographs.

3:30pm : Drogheda Walking Tour

We have just a short trip to our final stop before we make our way back to Dublin. You will have approximately 90 minutes  in the historical town of Drogheda. When we arrive in the centre of the town your local guide will walk you through this fascinating place, which is steeped in significant Irish history. You will visit St. Peter's Church, an example of fine gothic architecture. Inside there is a shrine to Saint Oliver Plunkett, complete with what is known as 'The Relic of St. Oliver's Head'. It is what it sounds like - the relic on display is his decapitated head.  

Drogheda was an important Anglo-Norman settlement and was one of the largest walled towns in medieval Ireland. The fortified walls protected the town twice from attack. Firstly from Edward Bruce in 1317 and again by Phelim O’Neill in 1642.  However, the walls were breached in 1649 by Cromwell who sacked the town, massacring 3500 people inside. 

5:15pm : Leave Drogheda

After an enjoyable and educational day, we make our way back to Dublin city (just 45 minutes away). At this point you’ll be experts on Irish history, so maybe a quiz on the way back is in order to shorten the journey home!

6:00pm : Arrive back in Dublin

We arrive back in Dublin. We hope that you enjoy your Celtic Boyne Valley tour with us.

Celtic Boyne valley day tour reviews

Facebook Sheila White Moore September 2016

What a day. Wayne was our guide on the Boyne Valley Celtic day tour. He was so funny yet very knowledgeable. The tour hit so many incredible sights: The Hill of Tara, Loughcrew Burial Mounds, Norman castles, etc. I loved every moment of it. An added pleasure was the fact that we were in a 16 passenger van which was very comfortable. I highly recommend this tour.




“Celtic Boyne Valley Tour”

Trip Advisor - 5 stars - Reviewed 31 August 2016


This was a perfect day trip from Dublin. This tour company offers numerous day trips from Dublin, but I'm really happy I chose this one. We explored County Meath, its beautiful landscape, and history that dates back 5000 years. Our tour guide, Jim, was fantastic. Knowledgeable, funny, and told wonderful anecdotal stories. Tour cost 35 euros, 30 if you are a student. The bus was very comfortable and we were picked up/dropped off right in the city center. Lunch is not included; you can pack a lunch if so desired, or try one of the local restaurants on one of the stops (which I highly recommend). Overall great bang for your buck, and the best way to explore the Irish countryside without renting a car yourself. Lastly, you climb a steep hill as part of the tour, so if that doesn't sound like fun, I would recommend choosing a different tour.



Celtic Boyne Valley Day Tour

Facebook Erin McDonough

Loved the Celtic and Boyne Valley tour. Our guide Gabrielle was fantastic. The climb up to one of the burial mounds was challenging, but worth it all! We saw churches, Celtics crosses, castles, cemeteries, and cairns. Fantastic.




“Celtic Boyne Valley Tour”

Facebook Christyann Clark - February 2016

What a wonderful experience! 
I had come to Ireland with a pretty full agenda, but after reading up on the company I decided to spend my last day in the country on the Celtic Boyne Valley Tour; what a prefect way to end my vacation! 
The tour guide Tony was knowledgable, easy going, and very charming. Thanks Tony!
I would definitely recommend to anyone in the area



A Fantastic Trip Back in Time

Trip Advisor - 5 stars - Reviewed October 2016

If you are headed to Dublin be sure to book a day trip to the Boyne Valley. Extreme Ireland did a great tour of the Valley of the Kings, with talks on the passage tombs and stops at castles and churches along the way. Highly recommended!




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