6 things you didn’t know about Donegal – Irelands true hidden gem

Donegal is Irelands most northerly county, while situated in the province of Ulster it is part of the Irish republic. Like many of the counties with Atlantic coastline the scenery is rugged and striking. In my humble opinion Donegal’s scenery has a beautiful harshness that is unmatched by anywhere else in Ireland. It doesn’t attract Tourists in the same numbers  as Kerry and Connemara but this only adds to its attraction. Check out these interesting facts about this fantastic county!

  1. Donegal has the longest coastline in Ireland, at 1,134km it constitutes 17.1% of the total national coastline. The coastline is made up of sandy beaches sea cliffs and inlets. On a nice day the Donegal coastline is beautiful but my preference is a windy day which makes adds to the drama of the spectical.                                                                                  Donegal, Wild Atlantic way
  2. The Donegal Gaeltacht (Irish speaking) area is  the second largest in the country.The gaeltacht are is situated along the coast , occupies an area of 1500km2 and has a population of 24,744. The three parishes of Na Rosa, Gaoth Dobhair and Cloich Cheann Fhaola make up the majority of the gaeltacht area and are considered the most rurally populated area in Europe.                                                                                                           Gaeltacht, Donegal
  3. Donegal attracts some of the biggest names in surfing during the winter months. Donegal provides excellent surfing all year round but with stormy windy conditions perfect big waves are created and this attracts the adreneline junkies who wish to ride some of the biggest waves in the world. For those of you that don’t want to take your life in your hands Bundoran is the perfect playground for the amature boarder.                Donegal, big wave
  4. Donegal has the highest sea cliffs in Europe. The Slieve League Cliffs tower 601 meters above  sea level, this is almost three times as high as the more famous Cliffs of Moher. The traverse along the ridge “One man’s pass” is one of the most stunning walks in Ireland.                                                                                                                                              Slieve league cliffs, Donegal, Wild Atlantic way
  5. Donegal has the highest number of blue flag beaches in Ireland. The Blue flag is awarded to beaches based on high environmental and quality standards. Donegal achieved 13 blue flag beaches and 5 green coast awards this year making it Irelands most eco friendly county in Ireland.                                                                                            Donegal beach, blue flag
  6. Killybegs a picturesque town in Co Donegal is home to the biggest fishing fleet in Ireland. It is situated on a natural deep water harbour providing excellent shelter from the wild Atlantic and is home to all the largest Irish midwater pelagic trawlers.                 Killybegs, Donegal

This fantastic county is worth a visit by anybody either for Adventure, relaxation or simply to enjoy the beautiful scenery. Extreme Ireland visit there as part of our Wild Atlantic way tours, or we could organise a special custom tour for any adventurous group.

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