Whiskey and Castles Tour – 1 day tour

Whiskey and Castles Tour details :

Departure time : 8:30 am (arrive 10 mins before )

Departure Location: Suffolk street (outside the old stone church )

Prices :  65 € /adult ; student and senior : 60 € /children 5 years : 32.50 € / children 0- 4 : free.

Overview :

This one day whiskey and castles tour leaves from Dublin 7 days a week at 8.30 am. It will bring you to the heart of the midlands, stopping at the world famous Tullamore DEW Whiskey Experience. You will then be taken to what is a private castle, ” Birr Castle ” with a fascinating history where you will be given a castle tour, then you will have your lunch time in the very lovely village of Birr. Your last stop on your Whiskey and Castle tour will be to the oldest working distillery in the world of Kilbegan. See how water, barley and yeast is made into this world class irish product. Then, it will be time for you to leave Midlands and return back to Dublin at 18.00 pm at the latest that evening.

Itinerary :

8.30 : Departing from Dublin, outside the old stone church on Suffolk street. The first part of the day will consist of heading out on the road towards the west of the country.

10.00 : Your first stop will be to Tullamore DEW Whiskey Experience which was founded in the 19th century by Daniel E. Williams who created the first triple distilled, tripled blended Irish whiskey. During this informative tour, you will learn the process of whiskey making and also learn the history of this unique whiskey brand.

Tullamore DEW, whiskey and castles tour

11.30 : Birr Castle is a large castle  in the town of Birr in County Offaly.Enjoy the castle tour and its award winning gardens. The castle is also home to a museum of Ireland’s historic scientists and their contributions to astronomy and botany and the largest telescope on earth in the 19th century, capable of capturing more light and seeing further into space than any telescope had done before.

Birr castle, whiskey and castles tour.


13.00 : Lunch time in Birr.

Birr telescope, whiskey and castles tour

14.00 : Kilbeggan Distillery is the oldest licensed whiskey distillery in Ireland. It was founded by Matthias McManus in 1757. Situaded on the bank of the River Brosna, there was plenty of access to the three natural ingredients needed for whiskey distillation : turf, grain and water. A visit to Kilbeggan Distillery today will take you back in time to discover how irish whiskey was made during the 19th century.

Kilbeggan distillery

16.00 : return back to Dublin you should reach at 18.00 at the latest that evening.





and castles tour

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