People are always looking for a new challenge and one of the latest pursuits involves taking to the Ocean with your climbing ropes over your shoulder to conquer previously unscaled sea stacks. Sea stacks are pillar like columns of rock protruding out of the ocean normally close to Cliff faces. The Atlantic coastline of Ireland is a rich source of sea stacks and the ocean around Co Donegal in particular is Dotted with these rock formations.

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Since these sea stacks are not accessible by land they are not climbed by your average climber. The guys involved in Stack climbing have combined Sea kayaking along cliff edges ( an adventure sport in its own right ) with climbing uncharted sea stacks surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean. The challenge of finding your own route and the views that are afforded the climber on reaching the summit are all the reward the Avid climbers need to become addicted to this adventure pursuit. 

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Extreme Ireland have teamed up with one of Irelands most prolific climbers Iain Miller and Unique Ascent to make this adventure sport accessible to everyone. A video says a thousand words so please watch.

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