Blarney Castle: More than a Stone!

Blarney Castle is mainly known for its famous Blarney Stone which is said to grant the gift of the gab to whoever kisses it. The stone often overshadows the other things that can be done at the castle & the line for the stone can be pretty long. With this in mind we have decided to highlight some of the other things that can be done besides waiting in line.

Blarney Castle 1

  1. The Dungeon

Beneath the castle lies a maze of underground passages and chambers dating from various periods in the castle’s history. Although the dungeon is mostly inaccessible nowadays you can still see the chambers where the castle’s prisoners would have been held.

Blarney Dungeon

  1. Wishing Steps

These limestone steps are said to grant wishes if you can perform a certain ritual on them. Apparently if you can walk up and down the steps with your eyes closed whilst only thinking of your wish it will be granted within a year. If you are superstitious enough to try this be careful as the steps can be slippery!

Blarney wishing steps

  1. The North Wall

Blarney Castle sits directly on top of an eight-metre cliff of rock. This rock was used to build the castle. From the North wall you can see exactly how the castle was built in two stages with the right hand part being a tall thin wall. You can also see 3 holes that were used when the maids would have emptied the chamber pots.

  1. The Lake

This lake was once nearly drained by one of the ancestors of the current owner. Why you ask? Well rumour has it that the treasure of the MacCarthys was thrown into the lake but so far nobody has found it.

Blarney Lake

  1. The Gardens

Last but certainly not least is the Blarney Castle Gardens. These gardens bring you on a journey through diverse surroundings.  There are over 60 acres of land featuring gardens, avenues and waterways. They even contain one of the few poison gardens in Ireland where you can look but not touch!


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