Galway City – A vibrant but intimate city

Visit the beautiful Galway city on our Connemara day tour!

Once you arrive in Galway’s City Center, you will have roughly over an hour to explore this beautifully intimate city. Flags from every country in the world were hung, zigzagging the streets above the heads of locals, and tourist. Shrubbery and flower pots were hanging off window ledges adding a certain artisan feel to the yellow, red, blue, and green buildings. Back on the ground, hundreds of people were making their way through the street, passing various street performers dancing on cardboard to singers serenading to onlookers and to people eating fire while juggling knives.

Galway City

Galway is a city that houses many hidden gems with its vibrant buildings, and festival-like decorations. When I visited this city, I casually walked down the street and embracing the unique atmosphere it gives off, and made my way to eat at a small pub in a corner of the street called Tig Coili. The food and drink were amazing, and they played live Irish music at almost all times of the day. My only regret was that I was not able to go to every pub! Although, I did get a chance to walk to South Park.

South Park is a short walk through the city center. It is an open field by the ocean where you can walk along the coast or the pier, take pictures of the view, or even sit on a bench and look out into the sea. I would recommend going there to sit by the coastline and if you have not eaten, it is a perfect place to have a nice picnic. The park is also close to a quaint museum you can visit in the short time you are here. However, due to the time restraint, you might only be able to do one or two things before you will need to head back to the bus.

If you want to experience a cruise along the Killary Fjord, visit Kylemore, and immerse yourself in the atmosphere of Galway, book a ticket and anticipate a fulfilling day brimming with adventure.


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