Backpack Challenge

Back Pack Challenge For The Homeless

The amount of homeless people on the street is rapidly increasing in Ireland. Focus Ireland estimates that there are up to 5,000 people at any one time who are homeless in Ireland. 
As part of tackling this problem and making things a little bit easier for those homeless, Basecamp have started an initiative in association with Dublin City Council and Crosscare Social Support Services, which is a backpack challenge to help the homeless. 
The aim of this challenge is to get as many backpacks as possible filled and sent up to the Bru Aimsir service that is currently housing 100 homeless people every night in Thomas St.
The backpack challenge can be filled with a wide range of things such as
• Hats
• Water Bottles
• Socks
• Scarves
• Long Sleeved T-Shirts
• Waterproof Clothes
• Jackets
• Flasks
• Toiletries
• Hoodies
• Jumpers
• Lip Balm
Backpacks can be dropped into the Basecamp store in Middle Abbey St or dropped directly into the Crosscare Staff in Thomas St. Want to help the homeless this Christmas? Create a video yourself today and nominate friends/family on Social Media to get them involved.

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