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The Mountain Skills (MS) scheme plays a number of roles within the structure of MCI/BOS mountain training. One of its primary functions is to provide a general introduction to hill walking in Ireland. We impart the necessary skills in navigation and knowledge of hazards, equipment etc., so that a person finishing the course may be in a position to safely pursue hill walking as a hobby. For great content on mountain skills there is a dedicated site: mountain skills.

Highlights: Map Reading - Mountain Safety and Hazards - Equipment - Navigation
Price: EUR 130.00
Duration: 2 Days
Type: Adventure Course | Mountain Skills | BOS
Grade: Moderate
Group Size: 6 Maximum per Instructor

This is a follow-up course to Mountain Skills 1.  The main advantage of the Mountain Skills 2 course is learning night navigation. You will learn more advanced skills to increase your confidence in navigating the Irish countryside safely.

Highlights: Navigation
Price: EUR 145.00
Duration: 2 Days
Type: Adventure Course
Grade: Easy / Moderate
Group Size: Small
Mountain Skills Assesment

This assesment is for those who have completed Mountain Skills 1 and 2, have a minimum of 14 logged walks and completed a REC 2 or similar outdoor First Aid Certificate. 

Highlights: Testing your personal navigation skills
Price: EUR 175.00
Duration: 2 Days
Type: adventure course
Grade: medium
Group Size: 4
Accommodation: none

Rock Climbing is one of the most exciting sports on offer. It is also one of the safest. With your qualified rock climbing instructor, you will learn all the basics for successful climbing. You will learn all about the equipment used; how to use it correctly; climbing techniques and we also teach everyone how to set up systems safely. This is really one of the best things to do in Dublin for both fun and fitness!

Highlights: Test
Price: EUR 50.00
Duration: 1 Day
Type: Adventure Courses
Grade: Moderate
Group Size: 10