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The Mountain Skills (MS) scheme plays a number of roles within the structure of MCI/BOS mountain training. One of its primary functions is to provide a general introduction to hill walking in Ireland. We impart the necessary skills in navigation and knowledge of hazards, equipment etc., so that a person finishing the course may be in a position to safely pursue hill walking as a hobby. For great content on mountain skills there is a dedicated site: mountain skills.

Highlights: Map Reading - Mountain Safety and Hazards - Equipment - Navigation
Price: EUR 130.00
Duration: 2 Days
Type: Adventure Course | Mountain Skills | BOS
Grade: Moderate
Group Size: 6 Maximum per Instructor

This is a follow-up course to Mountain Skills 1.  The main advantage of the Mountain Skills 2 course is learning night navigation. You will learn more advanced skills to increase your confidence in navigating the Irish countryside safely.

Highlights: Navigation
Price: EUR 145.00
Duration: 2 Days
Type: Adventure Course
Grade: Easy / Moderate
Group Size: Small
Mountain Skills Assesment

This assesment is for those who have completed Mountain Skills 1 and 2, have a minimum of 14 logged walks and completed a REC 2 or similar outdoor First Aid Certificate. 

Highlights: Testing your personal navigation skills
Price: EUR 175.00
Duration: 2 Days
Type: adventure course
Grade: medium
Group Size: 4
Accommodation: none
Gift Voucher

What a Christmas Present you can surprise your loved ones or friends with!-A weekend of adventure, a weekend of learning, a healthy weekend spent with like minded individuals. I always think the best present is an experience and not a physical gift as they will always remember this more. This is an opportunity that you can spend time together or indeed just get rid of them for a weekend:-) 

Highlights: Test
Price: EUR 130.00
Duration: 1 Day
Type: Adventure Courses
Grade: Moderate
Group Size: 10