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We invite you to discover the beauty and uniqueness of Maramures and its traditions. Some say that Maramures is the soul of a typical Romanian village, with picturesque green hills settlements and fields full of wildflowers. Here time has stood still and you can visit places unique in the world full of charm and beauty.


You will also be able to travel back in time for a few hours, while going by a steam train, Mocanita. You will be delighted with traditional food made from organic products from the area and if you feel overwhelmed with the charm of the area, a glass of cranberry Horinca will definitely help you wake up

Highlights: Pietrosu Mountain - Mocanita
Price: EUR 950.00
Duration: 8 Days
Type: Hiking
Grade: Moderate
Group Size: 16
Accommodation: Guesthouses
SLOVENIA  -  6 Day Adventure

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Climb the highest mountain and the symbol of the Slovene Nation - Mt. Triglav. Ascend over 2,500 m on this unique adventure and stand above the clouds. You will also enjoy exploring the capital city Ljubljana and experience the breathtaking scenery that surrounds the striking Lake Bled - a body of water with the deepest blues and a castle nestled in the center. Extreme Ireland has been organising holidays to Slovenia for the last 5 years, and they are one of the most successful and enjoyable international adventure tours that we offer. Grab your hiking boots and join us on what is sure to be an adventure with a whole bunch of craic! 

Highlights: Climb Mt Triglav | Explore the capital Ljubljana | Visit the breath-taking Lake Bled | Kayak Lake Bohinj
Price: EUR 899.00
Duration: 6 Days
Type: Hiking / Adventure
Grade: Moderate / Hard
Group Size: Small
Accommodation: Lodges / Mountain Huts

The Dolomites are located in north-east Italy close to the Austrian border.  The village of Wolkensteinwhere your group will have accommodation during the tour is the perfect location to access the most amazing hikes from a 360 degree stand point. You would be excused if you thought that the village was in Germany.  You’ll find that the locals are German, the road signs, architecture, beer and everything around you is German.  The Dolomite mountain range is nothing short of remarkable.  The rock formations are jagged and high which presents spectacular vistas at every corner.  Much of the lower lands are covered with alpine covered hills and wonderfully picturesque mountain villages.

Highlights: UNESCO World Heritage Site - Reva Del Garda - Cortina - Cycle Day
Price: EUR 1150.00
Duration: 8 Days
Type: Walking - Cycling
Grade: Easy / Moderate
Group Size: 8
Accommodation: Quality Guesthouse / Small Hotel

Walking the Camino

Walk the 150 km of the Santiago de Compostela, part of the French Way. The Camino de Santiago is an ancient collection of pilgrim routes across Europe that come together at the tomb of St. James in Santiago. Take the winding path as millions have done before and discover the gorgeous terrain of Spain - valleys, rivers, mountains - along with the history and culture of a truly magical area. Walking the Camino is the perfect way to explore this fascinating route.

Highlights: chestnuts and oaks forests | Romanesque architecture | Santiago de Campostella
Price: EUR 850.00
Duration: 10 Days
Type: Self Guided
Grade: medium
Group Size: small
Accommodation: B and B

This walk will lead us to the heart of an exceptionally beautiful area and will allow us to discover its history and the life of the artists who fell in love with its landscapes and way of life, such as Picasso, Dalí, Matisse and so many others, who felt an attraction for this wonderful country for a good reason... The beautiful scenery and the Spanish atmosphere every night, invites you to discover this region…

Highlights: Port de la Llanca
Price: EUR 1020.00
Duration: 7 Days
Type: Walking
Grade: Easy / Moderate
Group Size: 16 Max
Accommodation: Guesthouse / Lodges
Cycle From The Pyrenees To The Sea

Take a route of great scenic and cultural interest that goes from the Pyreenes to the Costa Brava. You will enjoy a great variety of landscapes, from Vallter (2,000 m elevation) to the Mediterranean Sea cycling through areas of forest in the upper reaches of the river, crops in the plain area and rice fields and marshes near the sea. From the cultural point of view is very interesting for the architecture-related to the river Ter such as old industrial settlements, bridges, dams, sluices, canals, windmills, old sinks, etc…You will also visit towns of great cultural interest, such as Ripoll or Sant Joan de les Abadesses with their magnificent Romanesque monasteries, the city of Girona with its old centre, the important Jewish quarter and the historic centre. 

Highlights: Pyrenees Mountains, Costa Brava and Mediterranean Sea, Medieval Towns
Price: EUR 1250.00
Duration: 8 Days
Type: Cycle
Grade: moderate
Group Size: small
Accommodation: Hotel

Patches, arcs, rippling curtains, all in shades of red, yellow, green, blue, and violet dance across the night sky as people propel their dog sleds and snowmobiles forward playing in the snow. Join Extreme Ireland on our annual trip to the Nordic arctic circle to see this phenomena. You will not only be witnessing this stunning event, but you'll find yourself ice fishing, on a dog sledding adventure, and more! 

Highlights: Northern Lights | Dog Sledding | The Arctic Circle | Oslo
Price: EUR 1650.00
Duration: 7 Days
Type: International Adventure
Grade: Easy / Moderate
Group Size: 16 Max
Accommodation: Guesthouse & Hotels